Hi and happy Thursday!! Hope you are having a great day! I just wanted to let you know I created a new resource for you! It’s called My First Sounds Book! I created it because I was so tired of reading books to introduce the sounds/phonemes of our language only to find out that the words they used were blends or digraphs! Crab was used for letter/sound “c” and block was used for letter/sound “b” – the sound was not correct! I would literally toss the book aside and just doodle my own sound-symbol combo! I FINALLY created a book that I can go to when I need to read with my little ones in Early Intervention or even my older kids in Kinder and First grade! This book not only has the CORRECT SOUNDS and SYMBOLS but contains the written letter and written words! Along with fun and familiar words! (Well, as familiar as you can be with Q and Z!). I used both nouns and concepts so that you will be able to expand upon each word and offer multiple sound repetitions! You will love this one! I hope you enjoy!

Visit my SHOP link and you can get yours today!

Learning the alphabet and sounds with my 3-year-old, Caleb! 🙂 He loves it! And best of all, he can color on it! And all the moms said, “amen!”

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