Hi! Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas!! It’s the most wonderful time of year! I’m so excited for Christmas this year.  My sister who lives in Michigan is coming with her family! I. can. not. wait.  Like, at all! My sister is my B.F.F.  Michigan and California are way too far apart.

Are you decorating your speech room for the holidays? What are you and your students doing to get ready? Leave me a comment and tell me! I want to know about all your creative and fun ideas.

Here are some fun holiday and seasonal signs for your speech therapy room, or if you’re a teacher, you can use these to decorate your classroom – hang them on your classroom door, walls or white boards.  I love incorporating the seasons and holidays into my speech therapy space.  It keeps everyone on track with the calendar and is just a great way to bring speech therapy lessons to life.


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