Lemonade Stand BINGO Game for Speech Therapy

Happy Summer! My two daughters, Gia 5 and Olivia 3 wanted to sell lemonade at their very own lemonade stand so badly. They had been asking mommy and daddy for a couple weeks if they could have a lemonade stand.  So last weekend, thanks to grandpa who the girls lovingly call “Papa” and daddy (and Grandma {Read More…}

Heather’s Back-to-School Favorites!

Hi! It is back-to-school time! I really can’t believe how fast summer flew by.  There is, however, something exciting and energizing about the start of a new school year! If you have been working all summer, maybe you are just excited for the temperatures to begin to drop a few degrees and the smoky skies to {Read More…}

Eating Gluten Free at Disneyland

My daughter (who is 3) is a cancer survivor (it will be 2 years in May since she was declared cancer free!).   We went on her Make-a-Wish trip in December 2014, to Disneyland! She had the best time.  One thing that was kinda hard for us was finding places to eat that were good, {Read More…}

Heather’s Speech Therapy’s NEW LOOK!

Hey Everyone! I’m getting a makeover! Well, my blog is anyway. But I’m so excited. The last of all the changes are happening today and hopefully by tomorrow my blog and shop will all be set up and easy to navigate! I’m also on Teachers Pay Teachers now.  I have so many ideas for materials so {Read More…}

Speech Therapy Room Poster Sale!

Hi!! I am doing a sale on my Instagram account! You can get all 4 of my Speech Therapy Posters for just $30! Go to @heatherspeechtx on Instagram and follow my account! Once you do that, you can then leave your PayPayl email address in the comments! The first 5 people to leave me their {Read More…}

Free Back-to-School BINGO Game { Mixed Concepts}

I created this fun Back-to-School Bingo Game featuring a variety of conceptual vocabulary for our language kiddos to play.  I hope you like it and that it’s helpful! You can absolutely use this in your school-based program or private practice! The links are below!  I’m sorta sad that I won’t be working in the schools again {Read More…}

Heather’s Soap Notes

Hi Everyone! Here is the form I use for my speech therapy progress notes with each client. Speech Therapy SOAP Note/Progress Note Form

BHSM {Better Hearing and Speech Month} FREE PRINTABLES!

May is just around the corner and I have a few fun BHSM items to share with you.  Be sure to also check out ASHA for more great ideas and resources.  These are so great for schools, hospitals, in-services, private practices, and just about any place you want to leave a little helpful information about {Read More…}

Speech Therapy Room Door Poster for SPRING!

Hi! I hope it is feeling like spring where you are.  It was 44 degrees here today… and it snowed the day before that! I’m desperate for the warmth of the sun to return.  I created a new spring poster for your speech therapy room to help myself feel better.  I think it worked.  As {Read More…}