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iLove Rock Candy Valentines

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I hope you had a very chocolatey Valentine’s Day!
Okay, so I promised I’d let you know how my Valentine’s Day craft went.  It was a success! The activity I was telling you about was called “Rock Candy Valentines” which I found on, yes, Pinterest! I wanted to do an activity that was different and fun so when I came across these candy iPods I was sold.

I think my Apple addiction played a role in this decision, but nonetheless, they turned out very cute and my students seemed to really enjoy following all the steps toward creating their very own candy iPod!!
This activity helped reinforce goals on following directions and vocabulary – especially conceptual vocabulary (words that are used to tell about quantity and location).  I even worked in some articulation practice.  For those groups that finished with a couple minutes left, we decided to do a quick little game of Valentine’s day BINGO.
The directions were pretty long on some of the steps and the reading level was pretty high. Next time I think I’ll re-type the directions and simplify them a bit.  I read the directions for just about all my groups with the exception of a couple where I have some pretty sharp readers who wanted to take turns reading the steps out loud.  It helped save time to have the pink paper strips cut and measured ahead of time, but I let the kids measure the string to make the headphones.  We also just used the “playlist” that came with the template, although you can modify the playlist on your computer if you want to.  It was just easier to use the song titles they suggested.  I thought they were very friendly – not too lovey – but just right for a friend to friend Valentine’s Day gift!
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