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Happy Valentine's Day!

By February 14, 2012No Comments

It is February! And that means there are two holidays we will be acknowledging and learning about in my speech room! Valentine’s Day and President’s Day!  I have been so inspired by Pinterest, it’s not even funny! My friend and fellow speech pathologist Kristen Schreck told me about all the fantastic resources that are on Pinterest for speech therapists and so I had to check it out.  She was right!

I actually found some great ideas for a Valentine’s day craft that all my groups will be doing today – I’ll have to post how that went tomorrow! But in anticipation for Valentine’s day, I found some adorable DIY Valentine’s that I made for all my students – complete with a little treat!  I do absolutely love all my students and what better way to show it than on Valentine’s day.  Another resource you NEED to know about if you are an SLP is! I LOVE this site! I found and downloaded our Valentine’s Day BINGO game – great for vocabulary and as a reward activity during drills or after drills.  I also like to do creative activities once in a while where my students get to color, create, and decorate some kind of holiday art piece! I downloaded a heart template for free from and used that during my speech sessions as an activity while my students were doing their drills and also as a reward activity at the end of the session.  They had a blast decorating their hearts and are so proud when I display them around our speech room!  Here is a little picture to show you what has been happening in my happy, love-filled, Valentine’s day, speech room!

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