Heather’s Soap Notes

Hi Everyone! Here is the form I use for my speech therapy progress notes with each client. Speech Therapy SOAP Note/Progress Note Form

Freebie: SKW Cluster Game for Spring!

Here is a freebie for you.  I made this game for my students working on the SKW 3-element complex clusters.  I needed a home practice activity for one student in particular who was really doing well in speech therapy, but needed more home practice.  So wha-la! I use Jennifer Taps’ model for assessment and therapy {Read More…}

New Speech Therapy Spring Freebie From the blog, “Word to the Wise Speech!”

Happy spring everyone! In honor of today, March 20th, 2013, the first official day of spring, I have an exciting new guest blog post from Sara and Amanda over at the speech therapy blog called, Word to the Wise Speech! If you follow my blog at all, you know how I really like to incorporate seasonal {Read More…}

Working4: App for Reinforcing Behavior & Motivating Kids with Autism

April is Autism Awareness Month!  Here is my review of a fun app by Pyramid called ‘Working4’! I love the iPad because of the many great apps that are available through the iTunes store to use as part of my therapy sessions.  I use apps for two purposes.  I use some apps for reinforcement and {Read More…}

Teaching Speech Sounds at the Isolation and Syllable Levels

I just uploaded some free worksheets I made for teaching speech sounds in isolation (the sound by itself) and in syllables (the sound paired with vowels). I talked about these two levels in my posts titled The Process of Articulation Therapy and Correcting a Frontal Lisp, but since I just added some free worksheets to use at {Read More…}

How to Correct a Frontal Lisp

A friend of mine recently asked me to listen to her little boy’s speech because she was concerned about him having a frontal lisp. His lisp never bothered her until someone outside of their family commented on “how cute” his little lisp was!

The Process of Identification: Step 2: My Child has been Screened, Now What?

I will continue to talk about the steps involved in a school based speech and language screening. This is Part 2 of the series I’ve called, “The Process of Identification.” I’m posting about screenings because it just so happens that they usually occur during this time of year. I’ve had several on my desk and I’m making my way through each one. As I call parents, I’ve found that it may be helpful to blog about what exactly happens during and after the screening process for early elementary and school-aged students.

The Process of Identification: Part 1: Speech and Language Screening

Typically, at the start of the school year, most teachers are just getting to know their new students.  By about the end of October or beginning of November, I start to get requests from teachers for some speech and language screening forms.  Teachers have now spotted those kids in their classes who are hard to {Read More…}