/p/ Sound BINGO Game {Word Level} Medial Position


/p/ sound practice is made fun with this BINGO game! Get that plosive /p/ in the middle (medial position) of words and make it a game!

Practice and lots of repetitions! That is what helps retrain a new speech pattern! Your kids will have many opportunities to do just that while playing a super fun and simple game of BINGO! Just get 5 in a row in any direction and you get BINGO! This game targets the /p/ sound in the medial position of words.

To Use: Download and print. Laminate for durability. Cut out the game cards and stack. Use game chips, pieces of paper, or any other marker to cover words on each game board. Winner gets the first BINGO, but keep playing and see how many BINGOS you can all get!

Have fun!


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