Articulation /p/ sound BINGO Game for Speech Therapy!

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Articulation BINGO Game for the /p/ sound! Syllables and Words!

Hi! I just updated this popular resource to include final /p/ words and created a bundle! Now you can practice the /p/ sound in syllables and all positions of the word using these 4 fun games! Get a copy now in my shop (see top menu bar) or visit my store on TPT! This product is great because it includes 4 games in one! Start with syllables then increase the level of complexity at the word level. You can even adapt this by having your students or clients (kids who may need articulation or apraxia therapy) use the /p/ words in sentences if you would like to give them even more practice at a higher level. You will love this no-prep articulation BINGO game for your speech therapy individual students or groups! It is so easy to use and very effective for eliciting mass practice and to maximize your session time. I hope you enjoy playing and practicing /p/ with these games!

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