Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 9.34.18 AM I created this free fall banner with the help of for you all! It is easily printable to use in your classroom, home or office! Do you decorate your speech room for the fall? I love decorating my room and my home for the seasons and holidays. It just makes me happy and my speech kids like it so that is always a motivating factor.
Cool air, football games, glorious leaves changing colors, blue skies, sweaters, pumpkin pie chai lattes…let the fall begin.
I hope you enjoy this fall banner – and if you print this one out, please share your pictures on my Facebook page! I want to see your fall banner up wherever you have it!
Directions for hanging your fall banner:

  1.  Print out each letter card using a good printer to get the best color.
  2. Cut out each letter and background
  3. Laminate so it will last!
  4. Use a hole puncher to punch two holes in the top of each letter card.
  5. Cut yarn or string into 14, 4-inch pieces
  6. Depending upon how long you want your banner, measure out 2 long strings which you will tie each letter card to.
  7. Once you have tied each letter card on the longer pieces of string, position them along the string (I like the corners just slightly touching).
  8. And then attach to a wall or hang it up wherever you desire.
  9. Now go get a pumpkin pie chai and enjoy your sign! 🙂
  10. Then take a picture of it hanging in your room and post it on my Facebook page.

Click here for – I
Click here for – T
Click here for – S
Click here for – F
Click here for – A
Click here for – L
Click here for – L

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