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Hi! It is back-to-school time! I really can’t believe how fast summer flew by.  There is, however, something exciting and energizing about the start of a new school year! If you have been working all summer, maybe you are just excited for the temperatures to begin to drop a few degrees and the smoky skies to clear up!
A quick update on me personally (because blogging is very personal)…I will be keeping up with my private practice clients through High Sierra Speech Therapy, Inc. and also contracting with a local school district.  I’m so excited.  I have loved being a stay-at-home mom, but I will always be passionate about doing speech therapy.  I love my job as a speech pathologist.  And…I’m going to have another baby! I’m due this December! We are so excited.  My girls, Gia and Olivia will have another sibling! We are so very thankful and blessed.
A quick Blog update…I have a great line up of fall blog posts for you! I have a really great app review coming up for a very innovative speech therapy articulation app, I have some giveaways planned (because I love you) and some free speech therapy organization printables to help you stay organized in your speech program.  Staying organized is always a passion of mine.  Oh and did you know I also have a Teachers Pay Teachers site? If you’d like to shop there, you are welcome to.  I still have my Shop right here on my blog as well.  It seems like all the SLPs are doing TPT so I thought I’d give it a try.  We will see how it goes! I’m just getting started on there so check out what I have so far.  My store name is Heather’s Speech Therapy!
And finally…since it is back-to-school for many of us, I wanted to compile all my, Heather’s Speech Therapy back-to-school favorites for you! Scroll down the page for a bunch of great speech therapy freebies and activities, speech room decorations, and office materials to use in your program!
I hope you all had a great summer! Enjoy!
Here is my Back-to-School Mixed Concepts BINGO game!  It’s perfect for getting your kids back into the swing of school and practicing the concepts that will be important for classroom success! Click here to download yours!
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Talk with your speech kids about what they did over their summer break using this great Summer Past Tense BINGO Game! They will love it! Click here to download yours!
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A freebie that is one of my all-time, speech room favorites! This FREE printable bunting will be the perfect addition to your speech therapy room! Click here to download and print yours!
This is my most popular poster! It is a Back-to-School Themed Speech Therapy room door poster (or anywhere in your room poster) and is great for a classroom, clinic or office! Order yours by clicking on SHOP!
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I’m giving digital downloads a try.  Question: Do you prefer hard copies or digital files for posters? Let me know because I will print them for you if you prefer.  But anyway, this digital file is for you to buy and then download and print.  Go to SHOP to get yours!
Do you have your own laminator yet? This is a great purchase! You can keep it right by your desk and laminate anything in less than 5 minutes! PECS, game cards, TPT materials, BINGO Game boards and cards…is there anything you can’t laminate? (It comes with a few laminating sleeves but I’d order more!) Click here to order yours!
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And last, but not least, my favorite pens! I love them.  They make writing SOAP notes and case notes a joy.  You will love them too, I promise. Click here to buy yours!
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What are your back-to-school favorites?? Please share!

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