It’s Friday before spring break for us so I am getting all my speech home practice pages together.  I love Super Duper Inc.’s Holiday and Seasonal book for quick open-ended, homework printables.  I always encourage home practice once the child has mastered the skill in our therapy room.  It is so important to begin transferring their “good speech” into other environments.  While some speech therapists say speech therapy vacations are good (i.e. no practice), I still think it is good to keep students in the habit of practicing while they are on a short break.  And by practice, I mean just a few minutes a day to focus on their target sounds with a helper.  And it’s really not the end of the world if they don’t get around to it.  I know what its like when families travel or have really busy weeks planned.
I hope everyone enjoys their spring break! We have family coming for Easter and that means watching basketball, cooking, eating, going for walks and loving the 70 degree weather we are having! What are your spring break plans?
Happy Friday!


  • Marisa Easter says:

    I absolutely LOVE your website! I am a school based SLP in a struggling school district where resources are limited. I appreciate all of your worksheets and ideas. From one Zumba loving, God fearing mom-on-the-go, “Have a blessed Easter” and Thank you for your blog! I have emailed this link to my SLP group and encouraged them to shop around and find you on TPT!

    • Heather says:

      Hi Marisa! Aw! Thank you so much! I wish I was able to do more these days but life as mommy keeps me running!! LOL Sending you big hugs and love!!

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