I am excited to share my new speech posters with you.  I have designed one for Easter and one for any time of the year (but great for the beginning of the school year.)  I can’t get enough of these owls dressed as bunnies.  Too cute.  My students would love them.
These are downloadable files.  Once you purchase the file you can download it and print it! If you don’t have a printer that will allow you to print up to 11.25 x 17.3, you can just save the file to your computer and email it to your local printers office and have them print it out for you or just save it on a USB drive and take that to your local printer.  I hope you like these new designs.  It’s fun to have some special holiday and seasonal decor in our speech therapy rooms.  These posters are an easy way to incorporate both the season and the holidays they bring! (The actual files don’t come with my room number and name! Just thought I’d clarify in case you thought I wanted my name on your door or your wall).
Just click on the SHOP tab in the menu or upper right corner cart icon to get yours today!
Have a Hoppy Easter!

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