Speech Therapy Room Door Poster for SPRING!

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Hi! I hope it is feeling like spring where you are.  It was 44 degrees here today… and it snowed the day before that! I’m desperate for the warmth of the sun to return.  I created a new spring poster for your speech therapy room to help myself feel better.  I think it worked.  As I sat down to create this poster, I was inspired by colorfully decorated Easter eggs, bright, soft, green grass, and hot, yellow sunshine.  Oh spring weather, please hurry.  I can’t wait for all the wonderful things that come with the change of season.  I think my favorite thing about spring is the return of life! Where I live, in the winter, everything looks so barren.  No leaves on trees, no green grass, and lots of brown everywhere you look.  Then once spring arrives, the green begins to return, the trees have their glorious leaves and colorful blossoms…it makes me so happy.

Please head on over to Heather’s Suite Speech Designs to get your spring poster and brighten up your speech therapy room today! Adios winter… hello SPRING!
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