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Speech Therapy Grammar Activity for Easter

By March 29, 20123 Comments

Here is a super fun and super easy speech therapy game for Easter! You can also very easily adapt this game across a variety of speech goals and targets! I used it as a speech therapy grammar game in this particular session.  Here is what you do



  • colored construction paper
  • an egg-shaped template (you can just draw one egg, cut it out, then use that to trace the rest)
  • markers
  • a large dry erase board

As I was going through my Easter files, I came across one that was full of pink, yellow, and orange construction paper eggs.  Jackpot! How did I not see these last year?? This little find saved me the time of cutting out each egg.  After finding these pre-cut eggs,  I decided to use them for a game with my grammar and language groups.

Here is what I did:
1)  I wrote verbs on one side of the eggs (jump, write, sneeze, catch etc.) and then put them face down on the table in front of the kids.
2)  On my white board I drew two simple Easter baskets one for each student.  You could also divide larger groups into teams and have one basket be for team 1 and the other basket for team 2.
***If you have an articulation group or a mixed articulation and language group, you could write the child’s target sound(s) on the eggs at whatever level they are working on them (words, phrases, or short sentences).  You would then just put those eggs down on the table  for your articulation students to choose from.


First, I had the kids choose an egg, read their verb, and then use it in a sentence (we did past tense verb forms).  For those who needed more modeling, I gave them two sentences to chose from.  They had to tell me which sentence sounded right.
So, to get an egg in their basket, they had to use the correct verb conjugation in their own creative sentence or chose the correct verb form from my two sentence choices.  If they got it right,  I taped their egg in their white board Easter basket.  The student or team with the most Easter eggs was the winner.


If they wanted to try for an extra “bonus” egg to add to their basket, I told them they could tell the group what they did last Easter using their good grammar (or speech sound)!  (Just trying to spice it up a bit).
The more I think about this activity, the more possibilities I see!
If you try it out or adapt it for your kids or students, please tell me how it went! I’d love to hear about it!

Happy Easter!



  • kendra says:

    Hey I love your blog,
    How do I follow you? I am a grad student tp become an slp.

    • Heather says:

      If you have a WordPress site, you should just be able to clink the “follow” button in the bottom right hand corner of your screen and then enter your email address. There are links to my Facebook, twitter, RSS, and Pinterest sites too! So glad you stopped by!

  • kar says:

    My 4 yr old son over pronounces his past tense verbs. For example he will say walk-ED instead of walked, talk-ED instead of talked. He makes the “ed” its own syllable. I hope that makes sense. I am trying to work with him at home. It is very frustrating for the both of us. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you so much! Your website is wonderful!

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