My Gia Joy’s Holiday Gift Card Drive for CHLA Oncology Patients

  Here we are.  Me and my amazing family.  Mike (daddy), Gia Joy and baby Olivia Grace!   This was taken in July!    On the left is Gia during the end of her chemotherapy and on the right is about 7 months after we finally came home from the hospital and she was declared {Read More…}

Happy Summer

Hello! I don’t always blog with a baby on my lap…but when I do, I like to photograph it! I hope all of you school based SLPs are loving your summer break.  What are your plans? My hubby just started Pastoring a church in a very, very small town on a lake in the mountains.  Pretty much {Read More…}

A Merry Christmas Giveaway! {Winner Announced!!}

Hope your Christmas was wonderful!! Sorry I didn’t post the winner last night! I wanted to give more time for entries since I know most people were probably busy with family yesterday!

My Little Hero

Hey Everyone! I hope you all are enjoying your summer! Just checking in to update you all on life with me! We are all doing well.  My daughter, Gianna, finished her treatment for a cancerous tumor turned stage 4 cancer.  Her type of cancer was SO rare that it only effects 1 in 2 million {Read More…}

My Gia Joy Is Getting Well

Hi Everyone, I haven’t posted any updates on my blog on how my sweet, 18 month old, daughter is doing because I post them on a group page I started on Facebook.  The group is called “Gia Joy is Getting Well.”  Real quick – she just finished her 4th round of chemotherapy and is doing {Read More…}

Update on Heather’s Family: A Very Strange December

I don’t know if you noticed that December was sort of a slow blog month for me. Not that I like crowding your inboxes daily, but I do try to post often. This past month has been very stressful. It all started the first week of December…I think. My little girl, who is amazing in every way, started to seem {Read More…}

Time Flies!

My baby girl is 7 months!  We just had her pictures taken by Laurie Warta.  I had to share this one with you!  My little princess is growing up too fast.  Sigh….

Gianna Joy

Well, it has been a while since I’ve had time to blog because… I’m a new mom! I am so proud to introduce to you our sweet little girl, Gianna Joy! Or as mommy calls her, “Gia Joy!”

Waiting for Baby to Arrive…

A friend of mine, Laurie Warta, is a great photographer and my husband Mike and I were able to enjoy a very fun photo shoot when I was about 37 weeks pregnant.  Our baby girl was due August 28th, 2011, (yes, that was yesterday)…and we are still waiting for her to arrive! Just wanted to {Read More…}