It’s summer and my husband is so excited about shark week. He is even doing a message on Sunday involving sharks. We actually both really like watching it. It’s exciting to see how these amazing creatures live! Let me just ask if you have heard of Megaladon? Well, I was convinced it was real until my husband told me that it wasn’t real. Is that true? ANYWAY!! I created this Shark Week lesson plan for you if you want to bring some summer and ocean fun into your speech therapy sessions! Here is my suggested list of activities: Start with a video about sharks! You can use the shark video I added below or find one you like. Please be sure to preview the video first and screen for ads and appropriateness. Next, play Shark Week BINGO to target vocabulary and do some explanations and simple definitions if needed. After that, work on categories by naming and listing all the ocean animals you can. You might even divide up your larger groups into teams and time it. Make it a fun competition. You can have your students or clients draw their favorite ocean animal and then ask each other wh or yes/no questions to try to guess what each person drew! Lastly, if you have any kids in your group with articulation goals, you can use these /sh/ syllable, word, and phrase level worksheets to work on any /sh/ goals during the week!

Have a fun speech therapy shark week!

1. Shark Video (Please preview this video and screen for ads that may pop up. Video may not be available at the time of this posting).

2. Play Shark Week Bingo with your speech therapy kids.

Click red link to download!

4. Practice the /Sh/ sound with your articulation kids using these articulation drill sheets! For more articulation worksheets, click here!

sh syllables

initial sh word

medial sh words

final sh words



Shark Week /sh/ Words:







crashing waves


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