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There is so much to be said for keeping it simple and targeting multiple skills during one activity. That is why I can’t live without my BINGO and MEMORY games! Here is my fall and autumn memory game for speech therapy.  I can use it with one on one individual speech therapy students or clients or a group of 3 or 4. Everyone gets multiple opportunities to practice their speech therapy goals while playing a game.
I use this simple fall/autumn memory game by printing it out on to card stock and then laminating. You will need to cut out each individual card.  You can also just print it on to regular paper, cut out the individual game cards, and glue them to colored construction paper! Easy.  Just laminate so you can reuse them!
Fall and Autumn Memory Game for Speech Therapy

Targets for this game:
Seasonal activities are great for reinforcing:
Calendar knowledge (seasons, months, days, weeks, etc)
Categories (all things that go with fall and the months during fall)
Vocabulary (defining and describing words associated with fall and autumn)
Recall (remembering where they saw the pictures while playing the game)
Relaying Past Events (talk about prior knowledge about experiences during the fall and make connections to those events)
Grammar (practice using correct grammar and syntax to discuss the fall and the pictures)
Wh-Questions (have students ask each other questions about the pictures (i.e. What do you do with a wagon?”)
Have fun and happy fall!

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