Hi and happy first day of fall! I thought I would share with you a fun new speech therapy articulation app I just had the pleasure of reviewing!  This is my honest, unbiased opinion! It’s called “What’s the Pic?” Articulation App and is available NOW in the Apple iTunes Store! It’s a fantastic app! It is from our friends over at Home Speech Home!
Read on to see just what I liked about it…and why I think you need it on your speech therapy iPad!
This app is super fun! I used it with a student working on R.  Here are my honest thoughts about the app.
What I liked about “What’s the Pic Artic?”
I like the price – only $4.99! Seriously??? Yes! And it includes all sounds in all positions!
I like the way it encourages multiple repetitions.  The more reps per session, the better!
I like that the therapist is still very much the one who guides the activity and gives corrective feedback.  The voice activation piece is only for motivation when it lights up the stars.  It does not try to give information on if the sound was correct or incorrect.  Thank you.
I like that there is a built in game along with the actual speech therapy drill activity.  This is so important.  If our speech therapy kids think they are playing a game, half our battle is won!
I like that while my speech therapy kids are working on their target sounds they are also uncovering a hidden picture! It was super fun.  Drill and a game all wrapped into one! Genius.  It’s really the only way to do drills, if you ask me.
I like that this new speech therapy articulation app/game is very easy to navigate and even has a very helpful youtube video demo.  You will be using this app in seconds.  A huge time saver.  I love a speech therapy app that I can jump into and immediately use!
Watch a quick video demo of “What’s the Pic?” Articulation App here:

What I think could be a little better:
The hidden pictures were really fun to uncover, but a few times the actual pictures themselves were a bit anti-climactic.  The hidden pictures seemed a bit unrelated and not as exciting as the pictures used to cover up the hidden photo.  With that being said, it did not deter the kids from trying to uncover the next one.
Heather’s Opinion:
Overall, I would definitely recommend this app to speech therapists who are trying to find a fun and engaging way to work on sound repetitions during articulation therapy.  I am a BIG fan of “What’s the Pic?” Articulation App!! It’s fun, easy to use, and a great motivator for kids! Awesome.
Buy it today (For only $4.99!!) for your speech therapy iPad and use it with your next articulation group.  You and your students will love it!

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