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Happy spring, everyone! My baby is asleep.  So I’m taking the opportunity to blog a little! I miss you all! He is actually taking a good nap and my hubby just took my 2 girls to the store to get some ingredients for dinner.  I’m making chili from my daughter’s Pampered Chef kids’ cookbook! I linked if for you on Amazon in case anyone’s interested! It’s really cute.  Any recipe that calls for Fritos has to be good, right? LOL We are making chili for dinner.  It’s actually a pretty chilly day here.  The wind has been blowing a lot the past two days and the mountains got some snow! The poor blossoms on the trees get confused every year around this time.  I’m thankful the temperature didn’t drop too low this time to cause a freeze! How’s the weather where you are? Oh, and this is my spring break! Are you on your spring break? What are your plans? We have some family from out of state and southern California visiting this week! It will be fun to see everyone!

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Talk to you soon!

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