Target Gift Card Giveaway WINNER ANNOUNCED!!
I’m so sorry that I am a day late! It has been such a busy week!
I had my hubby choose a number at random from all of the entries and the winner is:  Stephanie K. Congratulations!!
Stephanie K says:  “Love the dollar spot for therapy materials and the home section for myself.”
Please email me at and give me your mailing address! Thanks for entering and happy shopping at Target.  I’m jealous of all of you that get to go all the time!

**This giveaway was not sponsored in any way by Target.  It was just from me to you! 🙂

So today, November 2nd, is my birthday! To celebrate, I wanted to do a giveaway! I know I just did a giveaway, but I thought, I love to give and what better way to celebrate the day my amazing mother birthed me without any drugs, than to give you a chance to win something? Enter for your chance to win a $50 dollar gift card to TARGET!! Happy Shopping and Happy Birthday to me! To enter, comment below and tell me what your favorite thing is to buy at Target! Winner will be announced Thursday night! Good luck!
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Many of you know I’m having our third baby in about 6 weeks.  My husband and I get to welcome our first baby BOY into our family of girls (and daddy) and pink! I decided I should make a registry and some of you have asked what I need and until now, I’ve said, basically everything! I’m overwhelmed at the task of getting all things pink and girly switched over to all things boy and manly! LOL  And the truth is, I’ve been so busy with work, church, and taking care of my girls that I’ve seriously neglected getting my little guy’s room ready, picking a name, etc.  So here is the link to our baby boy’s registry at Target.  I love Target and I live hours from one.  I’ve found they have the best deals and overall they have good quality baby and nursery gear.  Click Here to view my baby boy’s registry! I hope I thought of everything. What else do you recommend?? Any of you boy-mamas have any ideas for me? I am very open to suggestions!
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And fall is really here! It’s getting cooler and cooler outside and the leaves are starting to cover the sidewalks down our street.  I took my girls to our neighbors house to pick pumpkins last week and they had so much fun.  Our neighbor is the sweetest – she had apple juice and cookies for the girls, too! Today is pretty windy and chilly out! Brrrr! I love this time of year! Here are some photos of my two daughters, Gia (4) and Olivia (1 and half) they LOVE PUMPKINS! I love my girls so much.  I feel so blessed that God gave them to us…and now a baby brother to add to our family! My heart and my cup runneth over!
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  • Sharon Swindell says:

    I love Target! Nothing beats the treasure hunt that awaits at the dollar spot! Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your baby boy! My son was born 22 years ago and things have changed so much, I’m afraid I am not much help!

  • Cindy Wandland says:

    The very BEST thing in Target are all of the $1 treasures. I picked up squishy “hairy” jelly guys that light when bounced and are very stretchy. My “wiggly” kids do so much better when they can manipulate and “play” with something between turns!!

  • Pennie Iannacchione says:

    Congratulations on your upcoming baby boy! We have 2 boys. They are a ton of fun. I have a few things that are favorite things to buy at Target – it’s hard to choose! Because of my boys, I’d say a favorite purchase at Target would be legos. Target has a great selection! My boys have enjoyed legos since they were really little and I’ve also learned how great they can be for therapy. Colors, shapes, following directions, sequencing steps, explaining, role play with Lego figures…the possibilities are endless!

  • Shannon Giles says:

    My favorite thing to buy at Target…everything! I love the dollar spot for school finds. I always make sure I walk through the clothing (women’s and kids and clearance – I’m always looking for a deal!). Happy Birthday and congrats on the baby boy. Enjoy all the rough and tumble!

  • Lorenza says:

    oopps, this is my first time participating online for anything..ever. I type notes, etc all day long that I have never join any groups online ever. I was given this site by my sons speech therapis and I love it (along with PINTEREST).
    Congrats on your new addition to the family. I have 2 boys and I enjoy every minute, boys are rough and tough, but at the end of the day they are mammas boys.
    the first spot of attack at Target is the $1 section they always have so many good ideas for; car rides, snacks and lunches for school, gifts/ideas for the seasons.
    You already had girls and now you will breeze through with your boy!!!!!

    • Heather says:

      Thank you, Lorenza! I can’t wait to experience being a “boy-mama” and the many ways they are different, but just as amazing as my girls! 🙂

  • Jessica says:

    Congrats on your new bundle of joy! I am a SLP student intern and look at your site all the time for the creative therapy ideas. My favorite things to buy at Target are the stickers and craft materials from the $1 section. My students this year LOVE crafts so I have been trying to incorporate more into my sessions. Thanks a bunch. 🙂

  • I LOVE TARGET! I purchase toys and small prizes for my speech/language students at Target and for my family I like purchasing mine and my 3 year old’s jammies there. Nothing beats the “clearance” clothing sections too for a growing little girl.

  • Stephanie K says:

    Love the dollar spot for therapy materials and the home section for myself.

  • Adriana says:

    I love Target! I love the girl clothes for my growing 4 year old daughter as well as the $1 treasure section. For the past 3 years, I have bought tons of the $1 treasures for my daughter’s birthday parties to give away as prizes for games. I am a SLP Assistant and I also get things for my “Speech Store.” I am currently working on my Bachelor’s degree in Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education. I plan to pursue my Master’s as well and I”m looking into California State Northridge Tseng because they offer the program online. I love, love, love your stuff and I look forward to using them with my students! Thank you so much and God bless you and your family! 🙂

    • Heather says:

      How do you run your speech store? I think that is such a cute idea!! Great job on working and going to school! I went to CSUN and loved it! Let me know if you ever need any help! 🙂 God bless you, too!

  • Esther Yaroslawitz says:

    My favorite part of target are their clothing sale racks! i find it thrilling to buy cute clothes for 70% off. i love to check them all out for me, my younger sisters and nieces and nephews. Congrats on your upcoming birth of your son!

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