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Hop on for a Harvest Hayride!!

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My hubby and I took our little girl, Gia Joy, to the pumpkin patch yesterday! She LOVED all the pumpkins!!

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We had a great time and I was inspired to create this little fall speech and language game called,

 “Harvest Hayride.”

It is a great speech activity for fall and can be adapted to pretty much any speech or language target.
(I will list some possibilities below!)
I hope you like it!!
Happy fall!!

Here is your Harvest Hayride Hay Wagon! This print-out will just stay ‘as is.’


Print out the corresponding picture cards sheet.  Half the cards are orange and half are gold.


Here is a close up! Cute, huh?


Cut out all the halloween/fall picture cards.

Separate the cards into orange and gold.  You can play in teams for larger group sessions or just give gold to one student and orange to another student for smaller groups.
Some Suggested Ways to use Harvest Hayride:
Descriptions/Definitions – Have one team give clues regarding the picture on their card.  If the other team guesses it they can place it on the hay wagon.  If not, it’s the other teams’ turn to give clues. First team or person to place all their fall pictures wins!
Following Directions – Give students concept directions to follow when putting their picture on the hay wagon! For example, put the Jack-o-lantern on the front of the wagon…put the girl in the middle of the wagon…put the apple under the wagon…etc.  If they were able to follow them, ask then now to tell you where the various pictures are! If they are able to tell you correctly, they can take the picture card off the wagon! First team/player to collect back all their picture cards from the wagon wins!
Articulation- After saying their target sound, a student gets to place their picture on the hay wagon! First player to get all their cards placed, wins! Then play again!
Vocabulary- Discuss, describe, associate, or just label all the picture cards while taking turns! Accurate labeling or recall of label gets a point! First team/student to get the most points wins.
Now what are you waiting for? Get your harvest hayride going!!
Click on the links below to print out your copies!
Harvest Hayride Hay Wagon
Harvest Hayride Game Cards

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