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May is Better Hearing and Speech Month! Happy BHSM Everyone!

By May 4, 20123 Comments

Happy Better Hearing and Speech Month!  I hope you will visit the ASHA website and take advantage of all the great free resources they have available!  You can print out and use lots of fun materials to help you raise awareness about prevention and treatment of many types of communication disorders!

In order to raise awareness at my workplace, I have created a very simple calendar to use for planning a month of sharing information about our field and the disorders we treat.  My place of work right now happens to be a school and my own private practice I started from my home.  For a school site, I suggest doing something at the beginning of each week since teachers have so much on their plate (state testing anyone?) I think starting the week with something fun is a great way to promote BHSM at your school.  Please use this calendar to help you plan out what you will do this month and help you organize the topics you might want to highlight.  Let’s get started sharing our tips, strategies, and information with the people we are able to reach! You can find these handouts and more on the website, Speaking of Speech!





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