Speech Sound Development Norms

By August 1, 20112 Comments

Since I’ve been trying to post more about how to teach speech sounds, I thought it would be helpful to post this chart which shows the ranges of speech sound development.  Using these norms, you can see when you should expect your child to correctly produce the consonant sounds in our English language.  There is range of “normal” speech sound development.
As you look at the chart, the left side represents the age at which 50% of kids are correctly producing that sound.  The far right side of the of the colored bar represents the age at which 90% of kids are able to correctly say that sound.

Hopefully, you will be able to use this chart to give you an idea of what sounds come in first and those that don’t emerge until later.


  • Pat says:

    Thanks for such a nicely presented norm chart.

  • Suzanne Borge says:

    I found your website and just printed out the norms chart. I love it…much better than the one I had. Our school had an arson fire over Thanksgiving break and all of the “F” building was destroyed, including my room. I lost everything! I’ve been an SLP for 34 years so you can imagine all that I lost. It’s so devastating. Though many items will be replaced, not all will. I’m looking for as many “freebies” as possible that can be printed out. Thank you!

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