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Language Activities for Fall

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There are so many activities to do surrounding the season of fall!  Here is an easy activity which is great for expanding sentences and teaching new vocabulary words relevant to the season!  I really like using graphic organizers for my students.  Anytime I can combine visual cues with auditory information I try to do so. Using graphic organizers not only helps kids who may be visual learners, but also helps provide an additional processing cue to those kids who already process primarily in the auditory mode.  If you do group therapy or if you are a homeschooling parent, you can easily do this activity.

  • Use a blank sheet of paper and some crayons, markers, etc. (whatever you prefer).
  • Write ‘the 4 Seasons’ at the top and draw a box around it.
  • Now, draw 4 lines coming down from the ‘4 seasons’ box.
  • Write the name of each season in each of the four boxes.
  • As you draw this, you will be explaining the concept of seasons and what they are.
  • Coming down from each season box, list all the things you can associate with that season.
  • See how many nouns and verbs you can generate with your student/child.
  • End the activity by coloring a picture of the child’s favorite fall activity (i.e. carving a pumpkin, raking a pile of leaves, trick-or-treating).
  • Have them write a short story about the picture they drew.

*For older kids, you can increase the level of difficulty by requiring more writing.  Try having them make an acrostic poem about autumn.
* Go for a nature walk and talk about what you see.  The trees that are changing color, how the weather feels, use lots of verbs and describing words as you tell all about the marvelous changes that happen in the fall!

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