A Fabfitfun Summer Box

Hi and happy Thursday! Hope you are having a great summer so far! It’s already July 20th! Summer is flying by!

I just got my summer FabFitFun box! I love it so much. If you love summer, lounging by the pool and just being outside soaking up the sun, this box is for you. @fabfitfun #fabfitfun #fabfitfunpartner

I wanted to share with you just a few of my favorite items in the box. I’m really impressed with the quality and variety of items that are included. I like and use everything. That is pretty impressive. It has all the things I use all summer long. I am in love with the highlighter and have used it everyday. It’s the perfect shimmery pink to use where you want to highlight your make-up. The sarong is so cute as a cover-up and is so perfect with a black or white bathing suit. The sunscreen is A-mazing. It’s 50 SPF which is definitely a necessity for me. I like to wear a high SPF on my face, but so many times the sunscreen is either so oily and my make-up slides right off or it’s thick and chalky.  I look like a ghost! Lol this one is thin, light and absorbs so beautifully you can easily apply your make-up without any issues and it isn’t chalky-white paste! I love it. I also am kind of obsessed with the water bottle. It’s glass so no seeping chemicals and it’s small enough to fit in my purse or diaper bag without weighing them down even more than they already are.  The eye cream is awesome, the necklace is so adorable for summer.  Mine is on a gold chain with amber and pink colored stones.  It goes with everything and looks really cute for summer. There are more fun items, but I just wanted to give you my take on the box.  Usually, I never sign up for these types of things, but I LOVE this box.

This summer FabFitFun box is perfect for all the fun essentials you will need for enjoying your summer! If you don’t already get their boxes, you can sign up using the code BEACH at https://t.fabfitfun.com/SHWe to get $10 off your summer box! #fabfitfun

Enjoy! I’d love to hear if you already get the #fabfitfun boxes and what your favorites have been so far this summer! The dry shampoo…i almost forgot.  It will change your life.  If you are a mom or don’t wash your hair everyday, you know what I’m saying is TRUTH.




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