Happy Spring! Free Complex /S/ Cluster (SQU) Printable!

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Happy First Day of Spring! I’m using these /SQU/ complex cluster cards today and thought I’d share them with you.  I love the research-based technique of training complex /s/ clusters to create the most change in a child sound system! It works! Trust me! These are free for you today! Hope you like them! Have a lovely first day of spring. Yay for free flashcards.  For more information on training complex /s/ clusters, please check out Jennifer Taps’ website www.slpath.com.  It is a must for every speech therapist! I absolutely love her.  She had me at…”research based…”

Click below to print your FREE copy!

Spring Complex Cluster Cards ~ /SQU/

1 thought on “Happy Spring! Free Complex /S/ Cluster (SQU) Printable!”

  1. Thank you so much! Perfect timing. I have just started using the Complexity Approach with one of my students, and /skw/ is the ideal target for her right now. 🙂 Happy spring from another SLP named Heather!

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