Free Back-to-School BINGO Game { Mixed Concepts}

I created this fun Back-to-School Bingo Game featuring a variety of conceptual vocabulary for our language kiddos to play.  I hope you like it and that it’s helpful! You can absolutely use this in your school-based program or private practice! The links are below!  I’m sorta sad that I won’t be working in the schools again for a long time.  Did I tell you I resigned?  I’ll just take a second and catch you up on what’s been happening with me.  Just keep reading!

So I had to unexpectedly leave my job as a school SLP mid-year in 2012, when my daughter got sick.  I was gone until July of 2013.  Then I asked my district for a leave of absence for one year (last year).  I decided this past March that being a mommy was my top priority so I officially RESIGNED from the school.  I still can’t believe it.  I left a job in a town 7 hours away to come back to my home town to work with kids at the elementary school.  I loved that school position.  My speech Aide, Laurie was a wiz at therapy and helped me in so many ways.  I will miss her.  So bittersweet.

I  started a small private practice in 2012, while I was working as a school SLP.  I didn’t advertise because I always had enough kids to see while still working at my school job.  So now that I’m officially not employed by the school, I am beginning to advertise a little bit more and build my case load a bit.  I will always miss my school job.  It was the best school position an SLP could hope to have.  I still think I’m a little crazy for resigning.

I ran into a teacher I work with at Von’s last summer and told her my situation and what I was thinking of doing and what she said really stuck with me.   She said, “you know, the one thing I don’t regret is taking 6 years off to be home with my kids.”  And that’s just the truth of it.  I don’t want to miss this time I have with them.  I went back to work very soon after my first baby was born and it wasn’t easy for me.

Financially, is it the smartest thing for us? Definitely not.  I just don’t want to miss these years with my babies.

Love and happy back-to-school,



Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 8.12.05 PM

Back-to-School Bingo Game Cards

Back-to-School Bingo Game Board A

Back-to-School Bingo Game Board B

Back-to-School Bingo Game Board C

Back-to-School Bingo Game Board D



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