Better Hearing and Speech Month Freebies!

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Happy Better Hearing and Speech Month! Pretty cool new logo and slogan, right? I like it.  I entered the BHSM logo/slogan contest ASHA had last year, but didn’t win.  It’s okay.  I think this BHSM 2013 logo is pretty cute!

It’s May.  How did that happen so fast? Well, it’s the home stretch for most of you school based SLPs – and it’s the home stretch for me and my family as my daughter finishes up her treatment here at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.  (For the whole story click here).  My sweet daughter is doing A-mazing! One more round of chemo to go, some scans, and then HOME!

I feel like I’m a little bit late in posting these, but there is definitely still time to raise awareness for our profession and the disorders we treat this month.  I made some fun BHSM gift/product tags and bookmarks.  Working at a school, it can be hard to find time to do anything! Especially this time of year.  I thought I’d simplify things this year by creating informational bookmarks that you can attach to a packet or leave in teachers’ boxes.  I thought at the end of the month, it would be cute to give each teacher a little BHSM gift (like a water bottle to promote vocal hygiene) or another unrelated treat of some sort, from (us) the SLP (which is what I was envisioning the tag to be used for).  You could do anything with these though.  I hope you can print them out easily, laminate them, and start spreading the word about BHSM, CSD and our field!

Again, please feel free to use these bookmarks and tags with other things you are doing.  I’d love to hear and see pics of your ideas! Please post any pictures of how you used my BHSM freebies or your own clever and creative ideas, on my Heather’s Speech Therapy Facebook page!

The other day I was at Children’s Hospital with my daughter when I saw a BHSM flyer from the Audiology department at CHLA.  They are doing free hearing screenings this month for the employees at CHLA! Such a great idea!

Happy BHSM!





Better Hearing and Speech Month – Gift Tags

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Better Hearing and Speech Month Bookmark – Hearing

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Better Hearing and Speech Month Bookmark – Voice

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Better Hearing and Speech Month Bookmark – Phonological Disorders

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Better Hearing and Speech Month Bookmark – Stuttering/Fluency

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Better Hearing and Speech Month Bookmarks – Language Disorder (SLI)

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  1. Stephanie Thrappas says

    Could you make these tags for 2014? I love them

  2. The gift tags are awesome and i would love to use them. Do you happen to have a file without a year on them so they can be used year after year?

  3. Thank you…. These are awesome! Enjoy your day!

  4. Brenda Arsenault says

    Thanks for sharing! Happy Mother’s Day to you.

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