Martin Luther King Jr. and President’s Day Activities for Speech and Language

I hope you all had a great holiday weekend.  I wanted to give you some ideas of what you can do help your speech and language kids learn about and understand the significance of Martin Luther King Jr.’s Day and President’s Day.  So here you go. Better late than never, right? Wink.

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6 Tips for Getting Your Toddler to Talk

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My Gia Joy’s Holiday Gift Card Drive for CHLA Oncology Patients

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Speech Therapy Room Poster Sale!


I am doing a sale on my Instagram account! You can get all 4 of my Speech Therapy Posters for just $30! Go to @heatherspeechtx on Instagram and follow my account! Once you do that, you can then leave your PayPayl email address in the comments! The first 5 people to leave me their email address will get all four of my Suite Speech Designs Speech Therapy Posters for your program!

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Free Back-to-School BINGO Game { Mixed Concepts}

I created this fun Back-to-School Bingo Game featuring a variety of conceptual vocabulary for our language kiddos to play.  I hope you like it and that it’s helpful! You can absolutely use this in your school-based program or private practice! The links are below!  I’m sorta sad that I won’t be working in the schools again for a long time.  Did I tell you I resigned?  I’ll just take a second and catch you up on what’s been happening with me.  Just keep reading!

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Heather’s Soap Notes

Hi Everyone!

Here is the form I use for my speech therapy progress notes with each client.

Speech Therapy SOAP Note/Progress Note Form

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Summer Speech Therapy Practice Tips

Hi! I know most of you are probably done seeing in kids in the schools, but you can always share this with parents via email or Facebook.  Here is my list of summer speech therapy practice tips! If you need some great ideas to keep your speech kids on track this summer, you will love these easy ideas.  If your a private practice SLP, these are also really helpful to share with parents since lots of families are on-the-go during summertime!

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Happy Summer


I don’t always blog with a baby on my lap…but when I do, I like to photograph it!

I hope all of you school based SLPs are loving your summer break.  What are your plans? My hubby just started Pastoring a church in a very, very small town on a lake in the mountains.  Pretty much in the middle of nowhere.  Our summer plans consist mostly of church stuff, a few weddings, and hopefully lots of family get-togethers.

Please drop me a comment and tell me about your summer plans and what “speechie stuff” you might be doing…conferences? trainings? summer school? Fill me in!

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BHSM {Better Hearing and Speech Month} FREE PRINTABLES!

May is just around the corner and I have a few fun BHSM items to share with you.  Be sure to also check out ASHA for more great ideas and resources.  These are so great for schools, hospitals, in-services, private practices, and just about any place you want to leave a little helpful information about communication disorders and the professionals who treat them.  Click on the link at the bottom of the page to print out the bookmarks you see featured here! 

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Speech Therapy Room Door Poster for SPRING!

Hi! I hope it is feeling like spring where you are.  It was 44 degrees here today… and it snowed the day before that! I’m desperate for the warmth of the sun to return.  I created a new spring poster for your speech therapy room to help myself feel better.  I think it worked.  As I sat down to create this poster, I was inspired by colorfully decorated Easter eggs, bright, soft, green grass, and hot, yellow sunshine.  Oh spring weather, please hurry.  I can’t wait for all the wonderful things that come with the change of season.  I think my favorite thing about spring is the return of life! Where I live, in the winter, everything looks so barren.  No leaves on trees, no green grass, and lots of brown everywhere you look.  Then once spring arrives, the green begins to return, the trees have their glorious leaves and colorful blossoms…it makes me so happy.

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